About us

About us

The LIMITED LIABILITY company "Luxeconomservice"

INN 3666062541
CAT 366401001
Bin 1033600002061
CB "REB" (CJSC) Moscow
P/s 40702810300000007721
K/s 30101810145250000783
BIC 044525783
394018, Voronezh, Fr. Engels street, 58A, offfice 7
phone: +7 (473) 202-68-25
phone: +7 (473) 202-68-24


General Director, Auditor, Legal Financial and Economic Expert - Tikhaya Elena, acting on the basis of the Charter.

Executive Director – Golovanev George, Technical Expert/Associate Professor, Department "Economic Security", Voronezh State Technological Academy.

LLC "Luxeconomservice" was created in 1996, based on the Department "Economics and Management" of Voronezh State Technological Academy. Since that time LLC "Luxeconomservice" has partnered with the Voronezh State Technological Academy to jointly perform research and development tasks. The students of Department "Economics and management" of Voronezh State Technological Academy receive training at the office of LLC "Luxeconomservice". LLC "Luxeconomservice" has two Subsidiaries: Subsidiary “Audit and Laws" in the town Rossosh and Subsidiary “ KMV-audit” in the town of Georgievsk.

LLC "Luxeconomservice" is a member of NCA "Audit Association Sodruzhestvo" (membership certificate No. 2962 ORNZ 11006006591) and accredited by:

  • NA "Siberian Guild of Anti-Crisis Managers"
  • NA "Union of Managers and Anti-crisis Managers and Directors"
  • NF SRO "Siberian Center of Experts of Anti-crisis Management"


Licenses and certificates

Procedures for 11/01/2018
Procedures for 11/28/2018
Certificate of Accreditation N 002205736
Certificate of Accreditation N 002205747