For International Companies

For International Companies



Our company “LES” LLC (“Luxeconomservice” LLC) has established its presence in the audit market of the Central Black Earth Region, Russia, twenty years ago and earned a well-deserved reputation of a professional, reliable, and highly efficient firm.

“LES” LLC was the first and is still the only company in the Central Black Earth Region which specializes in providing a full range of services to foreign entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in the Central Black Earth Region of Russia.

Only our company offers exclusive business services of the highest quality to the Russian subsidiaries of multinational holdings. We:

  • Analyze  accounting  books and local reporting of your Russian subsidiary done in accordance with RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) and transform them into IFRS format or to your own corporate standards  format  on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis;
  • Prepare all kinds of monthly, quarterly or annual reports to your European Headquarters in English;
  • English- speaking specialists are available on-line on permanent basis to answer “emerging” questions from the specialists of your European headquarters;
  • Prepare general comprehensive annual reports with presentations for shareholders in English;
  • You will be able to transfer all accounting functions and tax reporting to our specialists, reducing the cost of bookkeeping and thus concentrating on running your core business operations;
  • Our company has also built up a unique expertise in technical audit of projects in construction and development, as well as experience in construction revisions.


Our employees have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully deal with any challenges.

Moreover, the highest level of data protection and absolute confidentiality ensures that all information obtained in the course of collaboration is not subject to disclosure under any circumstances.

We hope you will be interested in contacting us and look forward to your response.

We provide the following services:


1. Consulting Support of International Projects and Start-ups

  • Analyze the project, its objectives, requirements, tasks;
  • Develop a plan for project financing;
  • Structuring the project;
  • Develop investment agreements;
  • Prepare a “risks map” based on the transaction structure and transaction documents;
  • Legal due diligence of the assets contributed to the joint venture;
  • Develop a legal structure for the venture or investment transaction;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions and term sheets, memoranda of understanding, etc.;
  • Prepare a company’s participants (shareholders) agreements, investment agreements, etc.;
  • Identify the specific features and limitations for the parties as regards execution and performance of participants’ agreements, and give recommendations to minimize such features and limitations;
  • Book-keeping and audit of representative offices of companies;
  • Consulting assistance in cooperation development (choosing of business partners, their preliminary evaluation, meeting arrangement);
  • Legal and tax consulting; consulting assistance in settlement of legal, economic and tax disputes.


2. IFRS Service

  • Settlement and organization of the system of accounting under IFRS. Our staff will promptly help to establish a process of reporting based on the international standards and requirements;
  • Transformation of reporting under Russian accounting standards into IFRS format or into the corporative format of your European headquarters;
  • On-line communication with the specialists of European headquarters on all their requests concerning IFRS reporting;
  • Adjustment of the reporting with the use of topical changes and innovations in the field of IFRS;
  • Quick reporting cutoff, as well as a policy of rapprochement of accounting under Russian Accounting Standards and IFRS;
  • Preparing General report and presentation for Annual shareholders meeting.


3. Audit according to Russian Accounting Standards

Our company has been authorized for mandatory audit and voluntary audit in accordance with Russian accounting standards.

In Russia mandatory audit should be carried out on regular basis in any company that:

  • Has a legal form of organization such as OJSC;
  • Issues securities admitted to trading on stock exchanges;
  • Carries out credit, insurance or clearing activities;
  • Is a non-governmental mutual, investment or pension fund;
  • Is a currency, stock or commodity exchange;
  • Receives the annual revenue from the sale of goods, works, and services in the amount of more than 400 million rubles;
  • And in other cases specified in the legislation.


As for the voluntary audit, our company carries it out upon clients request in cases where:

  • A company needs to provide reliable financial (accounting) statements to investors, banks, banks or possible business partners;
  • A company is going to join the group / holding and provide documentation to create consolidated financial statements. In this case, an assessment of not only the reliability of financial statements but also the results of the economic activity as a whole, the state of the internal control systems, and financial state of the client shall be carried out.


4. Accounting Consulting

At any time, experts of our company are ready to explain any controversial and ambiguous provisions of accounting, to answer all the specific questions and to assist in activities such as:

  • Development of accounting policies and chart of accounts;
  • Forming of a system of accounting;
  • Prompt reporting cut-off;
  • Consolidated statements;
  • Development of the accounting methods.


5. Tax Related Services

Paying taxes is one of the essential and most important duties prescribed by law for any type of company in Russia. Carelessness and inattention to the control, monitoring and optimization of the taxation process may lead to negative consequences for the business as a whole. Our company “LES” LLC (“Luxeconomservice” LLC) offers clients to consider a rational approach to the taxation system and is ready to give its full support towards the effective management of all kinds of taxes and discuss the prospects and opportunities.

Our company also provides assistance in the following cases:

  • Tax Optimization and Tax Advising for legal entities and for individuals;
  • Tax Planning and Tax Risk Management;
  • Transaction support / Tax implications;
  • Мanagement of tax disputes in courts, litigation of recovery sum of tax penalties;
  • Tax Audit.